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History of  Formation Forest Development Corporation :

In the year 1972, National Commission on Agriculture, in its report on “Production Forestry-Man Made Forests  ”expressed concern over fast depletion of forests and recommended-

  • To enhance productivity of the forests by adopting Intensive Forest Management Technique and plantation of species of higher economic value.

  • Keeping in view the limited financial resources of the states, Forest Development Corporations should be formed to draw Institutional Finances

Formation of Chhattisgarh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam :


The Chhattisgarh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam Ltd. has been formed  in pursuance of Notification No. F-5-2/Forest/ 2001/ dated 30th April 2001. As per this notification, the Nigam has been incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on  22nd May 2001.


The main objectives are: 
  • To accelerate and increase forestry production by creating plantations of -
    o  Fast growing species, 
    o  Species of higher economic value
    o  Species capable of diversified use for industrial and commercial purposes.

  • To bring suitable forest areas under intensive Management Practices in order to improve, enrich and enhance  production, both in quantity and quality.

  • To convert existing low quality forests into high quality productive forests by adopting intensive management system.

  • To formulate financially viable projects in order to draw institutional finance to execute its forestry activities.

  • To undertake maintenance, preservation, protection and development of existing fauna.  

  • To plant, grow cultivate, produce and raise plantations of all kinds of forest plants, trees and crops and other agricultural crops.  

  • To convert low valued/ degraded/ poor site quality forests into high value man made forests to obtain high quality produce for diversified uses.

  • Conservation, development and sustainable management of the natural forest resources.

  • Enhancement of productivity in Teak Plantation areas by scientific thinning.     

  • To improve the ecological status of the State by enrichment of the forest cover. 

  • Restoration of Ecological balance in the degraded forest areas.

  • To maintain the  Bio- diversity of the area.


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